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     sgixdoom - The popular PC game "DOOM" for SGI systems


     sgixdoom [-size] [-net N hosts] [-warp


     This is SGI DOOM v1.9, the Silicon Graphics version of the popular PC
     game DOOM.  This is the shareware version (first episode) of the game.
     If you're not familiar with DOOM on the PCs, there is a seperate README
     file in the /usr/demos/General_Demos/doom directory that describes in
     lurid detail DOOM for PCs.  While much of it remains relevant to SGI
     systems, installation and operating system information is not pertinent.
     First time users are advised to consult the README file to get an idea
     how the game functions.


     There are two executables, sgixdoom and sndserver, and a data file named
     doom1.wad, all of which are located in /usr/demos/General_Demos/doom.
     The file /usr/demos/General_Demos/doom/RUN is really a shell script
     designed to allow first time users of sgixdoom to reliably start up the
     game from either the iconic interface or from the shell. sgixdoom will
     check both your current directory and the environment variable DOOMWADDIR
     for both the sndserver binary and the wad file.  If it can't find
     sndserver down these paths or in the .doomrc file (see below), you won't
     get any sound.

     The default.cfg file is now in ~/.doomrc.  It'll be created the first
     time you run sgixdoom. If you have an alternate location for sndserver,
     you can specify it in .doomrc, otherwise it's not worth the bother of
     messing with it except for chat macros if you like to use them.


     Sgixdoom is only resizeable at startup.  That is, you won't be able to
     make the window bigger once you've started a game.  With this in mind,
     you can use the sizing option to size your window appropriately.  -2 will
     double the default size (320x200) of the window, -3 triples, and -4
     quadruples.  The best resolutions are the default and double-size

     You can also play across the net by using the -net option.  The syntax is
     a little odd, but in short each player should choose a number.  Then,
     when starting up a game, specify playing in net mode by listing the
     number you've chosen and the other hosts you're playing with.  As an
     example, for a three person game between the machines huey, dewey, and
     louie, you might type:

     huey> sgixdoom -net 1 dewey louie

     dewey> sgixdoom -net 2 huey louie

     louie> sgixdoom -net 3 huey dewey

     By default, sgixdoom will start each new game at the very beginning of
     the episode.  Assuming you really don't want to start all over from the
     beginning, you can use the -warp option to specify the episode number and
     map number of where you wish to start from.  To get epsiode and map
     number information, you can consult the map available to you during the
     game by pressing the tab key.


      Version 1.9 now includes both the standard keyboard controls as well as
     mouse support!  Keyboard mode is the default mode: for the keyboard
     users, CTRL fires, SHIFT makes you go fast, ALT lets you sidle, and the
     arrow keys move you around.  For you mouse users, you get into mouse
     support mode by pressing the / key on the numberpad (NOT the /? key on
     the main keyboard).  Once in mouse mode, the left button fires, the
     middle button permits you to sidle, and the right button lets you walk


     Sgixdoom was developed for 5.2 systems, and will not run on operating
     systems predating 5.2.

     By default, the IRIX Interactive Desktop(TM) interface will fire up
     sgixdoom at the -2 size.

     If you're having problems with sndserver, try editing your .doomrc file
     (which sgixdoom will create for you on startup), and change sndserver's
     location to be its default location in /usr/demos/General_Demos/doom.
     Also note that sgixdoom will attempt to save any saved games in your
     current working directory, so make sure you have write permission to your
     current directory.

     This version of sgixdoom is a CPU hog, and for that I sorta apologize.
     However, it should be nice to your net.

     You may register the game at your own risk; we won't provide technical
     support.  Call 1-800-IDGAMES to order registered DOOM.  It will be for
     DOS.  You will have to emulate DOS to run the install program.  Take the
     installed data file and put it where you want to keep your DOOM data
     file.  Please put it in a private area.  The file doom.wad is
     copyrighted, and permission is not given to copy it.

     I did this for fun.  It doesn't generate revenue.  Please don't call id
     Software or write us with bug reports.  They cost us money.  Thanks.
     Besides, the Indy has to go back, so the bugs can't be fixed.  The design
     philosophy of this port was to get something working which was fun.  It
     ain't no opus so don't get your hopes up.

     This game uses the MITSHM extension to X.  It also uses Sys V shared
     memory.  I'm not terribly expert with the latter, so if stale shared
     memory starts to accumulate on your system, reboot I guess, and my
     apologies in advance.  I think I wrote enough code to reclaim the stuff
     if it sees it lying around.  Quitting gracefully will reduce the chance
     of bad things happening.

     Thanks to Silicon Graphics for loaning the Indy.  Special thanks to
     Gretchen Helms for being terribly cool and Paul Close for being very
     helpful and for the following quote: "[insert favorite OS here] sucks
     dead bunnies through a bent straw."


     Using DOOMWADDIR in combination with IRIX Interactive Desktop may prove
     problematic.  If you set DOOMWADDIR in your .cshrc file, the desktop will
     pick up the path when you first log in.  However, if you change
     DOOMWADDIR after login, the desktop won't know about the changed path.
     Therefore, if you plan on using different paths for DOOMWADDIR, you will
     need to start sgixdoom from a shell rather than from the desktop each
     time you change the path.

     Some users have noted that sgixdoom has a tendency to core dump when run
     with a 24 bit Xserver visual.  Changing to the default settings of Xsgi
     will solve this problem.


     Dave Taylor, id Software

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